Image and video hosting by TinyPic We talk about smartphones and what they can do with internet, apps and social media –but what about the actual phone quality?

The Palm Pre Plus that I am testing is running on the Verizon Network. I rarely ever get a dropped call and I’m very happy with the phone quality.

To put a number in, use the touch screen, to search for a name in your contacts, use the slide-out keyboard.  To hit the speaker phone, hit the icon that will come up on the left-hand bottom of the screen. I mentioned in my second post how much I liked the following function:  when you take the phone from your ear to hang up, the screen lights up and you can touch the screen to end your call. But one of the coolest feature is that if you do a search for a phone number on the web (or if it’s hyper-linked in an email),  just touch the link — it will automatically dial the number. And yes, the 1 + area code is included.

Usage time is 330 minutes with standard battery. Standby time is 350 minutes with standard battery. In my opinion, it feels like the battery gets drained very quickly (but isn’t that  a common smartphone issue?) Which is why I’ll be buying an auto charger, since  between preschool and afterschool activities, I practically live in my car!

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Disclosure: I am taking part in the Verizon Palm® Pre™ Plus Mommy Blogger Program and will be testing out the phone for rest of this month on Mommies With Style.


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