Image and video hosting by TinyPic Another fun feature of the Palm Pre Plus is that you can play songs and watch videos. You can choose to download MP3’s from Amazon’s store (the prices are comparable to Apple iTunes Store at 0.99 cents a song).

I was able to transfer MP3’s and videos I downloaded (legally, of course) onto the Palm Pre Plus, by hooking up the USB cable to my Macbook and dragging my video and music files to the Pre Plus (it showed up as a hard drive). Those used to an iPhone or iPod will miss iTunes’ way of syncing. But I was pleased that I was able to listen to my already-paid for songs on the Palm Pre Plus.

Right now I’m enjoying the Glee soundtrack (I’m such a Gleek) and have Motherhood (with Uma Thurman) on my Palm Pre Plus — no clue when I’ll get a chance to watch it though.

The Pre Plus comes with earbuds (so you can play your music and videos without disturbing others).

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Disclosure: I am taking part in the Verizon Palm® Pre™ Plus Mommy Blogger Program and will be testing out the phone for rest of this month on Mommies With Style.

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