About a week ago, you may recall, I delcared that every woman needs at least one cashmere sweater. And maybe you read between the lines, and noted that she really needs 3. So, what about her baby? Shouldn’t baby be cuddled and warm, soft and sweet, lavish and luxurious?
Kinder-cashmere is all that. Just today, I was holding my son’s hand in real(!) cashmere mittens. And they were sooooo soft! And soooo warm! And, I love this, this is one pair he won’t lose, because creator Danielle Holmes was smart enough to connect the mittens with a string that goes through the coat. Created with influences from her homes world wide, Danielle explains her products as luxurious as New York, as charming as France and as hardy as Maine. The laylette line is charming, sophisticated, and luxurious. True cashmere, we’re looking at items for Barron’s and Shiloh’s.
I had an opportunity to meet Danielle at a recent trade show. Her booth caught my eye with the bold contrast of vibrant petal pinks, lemon yellows, sky blues and lime greens. The layette line, which is new this winter, includes wrap sweaters, bunny dresses, pants, mittens and hats. In addition to the layette line, Kinder-cashmere’s blankets and pillows add sophistication, warmth and class to baby’s nursery. So classy is Kinder-cashmere, that I’m noticing a trend: only the classy celebs, it seems, boast their Kinder-cashmere collection: Reese Witherspoon’s Deacon and Liv Tyler’s Milo both have blankets.
Items should be dry-cleaned or hand-washed. It sounds like a lot of work for a mom. But for cashmere this nice, its completely worth it. After all, take a second and count your cashmere. There’s a reason you love it so much. And baby deserves it, too.
Send your order to Danielle in an e-mail (not through the site) and tell her you heard about Kinder-cashmere on MWS, she’ll invoice you and give you an additional 10% off the already low introductory prices.

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