Here it is – yesterday’s video interview with Blair Fowler, Elle Fowler & style expert Jorge Ramon. Blair & Elle are sisters and YouTube sensations and fashionistas. My niece Abbie follows both of them religiously on YouTube and was thrilled at the opportunity to chat with them live Friday morning. Hear what they have to say on fall fashion trends, jeggings (still not sure I can pull them off myself!) and how to jazz up something old from your wardrobe by accessorizing correctly. They also give Abbie some tips on her first day of back to school outfit choice.

Loved all the tips they had to share.  Going into the interview I was feeling like we were going to get teen and early twenty something fashion tips only (was feelin’ a little old!) but think together with Jorge they give out some great advice that works for us Moms too!

And lastly, the Sears contest site Elle is talking about at the end of the video is Crush Your Style – check it out if you know any 8-16 year old fashionistas who like to vlog, it’s a great opportunity for sure.

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