In case you missed it, last week I was in Nashville for the CAbi (clothing)’s Scoop.  You can see more about the event and what I did there on my previous posts: Cowboys & Fab Clothes: Fun in Nashville with CAbi and What to Wear: Lose the Stress & Be Comfortable with You.  While there, I went to their Vintage sale, which involved the sale of past clothes from CAbis previous seasons.  Discounted prices but still amazing clothes!   Here’s what I got:


  1. Whitney, I have been a member of MWS for many years. I was there….should have contacted me….we could have met up!! Love my job!! Glad you had fun. CAbi girls are the best!!!

  2. Katy – no way! Someone from my Moms Club was there too and I never got a chance to meet up with her either. So many ladies and such a busy schedule! But what a great time! Maybe I’ll be at a future event and we can meet then 🙂

  3. You must run your own Fashion empire! a spontaneous, natural way of presenting all those fab pieces you found. Your CAbi items all adorable!

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