One of the bests gifts that Santa brought to my boys this past Christmas was the Razor 360 Flash Rider (currently $104.99 on Amazon). A friend had recommended it as a great gift that her kids loved. Normally I don’t think I would have looked at it, it kind of looks like a tricycle! My boys being 9 &6, I would have thought the 9 year old was especially beyond playing with this.

But my friend reassured me that the Razor was amazing and after reading the reviews on Amazon about teenagers trying it, I was sold!

It basically IS like a Big Wheel, only the wheels can spin in 360 degrees so the kids can whip it around and do wheelies. They LOVE it. Check out my boys on the video enjoying them after Christmas.

By the way, the picture on Amazon makes it look like it’s pink – it’s not. It only comes in that one color but it’s more of a red.

And the difference between this bike and the older model from Razor (the Razor Rip Rider) is that this one comes with a “brake” that you can pull up and create sparks behind you. Which you guys can only imagine how much they love!

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