I can’t say enough about the cool products from Warm Biscuit. Their items are old school with vintage-looking fabrics and prints. And although they’re Warm Biscuit bedding company, they sell much more than bedding. You’ll find toys, baby clothes, bath products and much more on this storefront. One thing’s constant through their entire line – everything feels down to earth and homey.
Many of their items can be personalized, including children’s aprons, kids bags (this kids suitcase is to die for – we have one that is now filled and carried around on a daily basis), lunchbags, baby gifts and more.
Check out their new line of fabrics too – they’ve added some really cool prints. It’s nice to see new patterns that haven’t been done before.
The prices are great, and even better, use coupon code WBMWS20X for 20% off your order on the site.

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