Caution: this post involves my boobs, make-up and my penchant for John Hughes films. Consider yourself warned. What does Virgin Mobile’s Rumor2 phone have to do with all this? Let me explain.

I should start by saying, I’m not giving up my iphone. Not a chance. I love that thing. I love it so much that I love it to DEATH. On a regular basis. I’ll be crafting a live story on Whrrl or using it for an emergency tarot card/horoscope reading when a bird poops on me. I’ll be competing against my 5yr playing Flick Fishing or taking pictures of stuff, like uh, you know, my own cleavage. And then poof. That battery goes from 10% to R.I.P. in six seconds flat. Right when I was supposed to do a conference call.

bracell This is why I leapt at the chance to review an LG Rumor 2 phone from Virgin Mobile. Virgin’s model is pay and go and a good value at $50/month for unlimited calls without a contract. It’s a great phone with all the bells and whistles, at a great price. No contract needed. This is a good thing for a backup phone, or phone you give to your tween or teen part time, or to a sitter or grandparent while watching the kids. They sent me the phone, prepaid for a month. I had to swat away my teenaged daughter’s twitching texty fingers and find a safe place to secure my emergency back up.

I found that place. In my bra. Laugh if you will, but a bra is a great place to carry your cellphone in a pinch!

Virgin is currently running a Sexiest Mouth in America contest where you can take a picture of your smoocher and win cash and a free phone and a year of free calling. They’ve partnered with E.L.F. on this effort. Here is my segue way into the John Hughes thing. I was at an ELF Makeup at Home Party last night, talking about the phone in my bra thing, and trying on lipstick. I started to reminisce about Claire/Molly Ringwald from the Breakfast Club and attempted to recreate the lipstick application scene. The color was Trendsetter from the mineral line, by the way. Love that color & collection! Click the link above to see the party.

If only I could phone home AND apply lipstick from my cleavage. Then I could win this “Sexiest Mouth” contest for sure.


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