You guys may have seen me post about Family Lives On before. They’re a national organization that happens to be based in my hometown so I know a bit about them. Family Lives On supports children who have lost a parent. They continue traditions that mom or dad may have started with a child after the parent has passed for years after the parent is gone.

It’s a really feel-good organization that we can all get behind supporting.

Last year, I ran a virtual 5k for them and I’ll be so again this year. This year it can be a 5k, 10k or half marathon – you pick! It’s the same price and you get this nifty Wonder Woman wine topper after you have run it! It’s in honor of Mother’s Day so sign up and run/walk/whatever for the Mom in your life!

Who Runs the World?

I ran their real-life 5k last weekend! I was nursing a bad sore throat and the course was HILLY as all get out but it felt good to get it done! I’m thinking I’ll do the 10k for the virtual. Anyone wantto do it with me?

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