Deepchocolatevitatops253x188_12pkI was at a baby shower a few weeks ago and was discussing Weight Watchers with my two friends. A girl at our table turned to us, "VitaMuffins are incredible, I love their muffin tops!" I had heard of VitaMuffins, but never tried them. Turns out she was right!  Vitalicious makes delicious VitaTops (muffin tops), VitaMuffins and VitaBrownies. 

Vitalicious sent us a box of VitaTops and VitaBrownies to test out. I couldn’t believe there were so many kinds of muffins tops. Each VitaTop is 100 Calories, low fat (some are even zero fat), 4-5 grams fiberlow sodium, cholesterol free and have 15 vitamins and minerals. Now, you could go the traditional muffin route (with their fruit and bran muffin tops for a morning treat) or go decadent with their chocolate flavors (for a sinful breakfast or treat later on in the day or night).

We absolutely loved their Apple Berry Bran Muffin Tops (even my toddler loved them and ate them as a treat). The Cran Bran (Cranberry) and Blue Bran (blueberry) were pretty good too. I liked the corn muffin also (it would have been even better toasted). My favorite chocolate VitaTops were the Fudgy Peanut Butter Chip (developed with Hungry Girl), Double Chocolate Dream (also developed with Hungry Girl) — with white chocolate chips, and their Deep Chocolate with chocolate chips. We also loved their brownies!!  They fit perfectly into my Weight Watchers plan and surprisingly I didn’t eat them all in one night.

Prefer to bake muffins or muffin tops instead? Vitalicious makes baking mixes for muffins, muffin tops. You can also order VitaCakes – they have a luscious looking Dreamy Drizzle Chocolate Supreme Cake ($23.69).

VitaTops are all natural and contain no preservatives, so you should freeze upon receipt. We definitely intend to order more of these yummy VitaTops!!


Exclusive for MWS Readers: use code VitaMommies for 10% off, expires 12/31/08.


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