If you count preschool, I’m on my sixth year of school with my oldest and third year with my youngest.  I’ve always known how important it is to volunteer in my child’s school.  It helps them to see your face there supporting their school and it helps you by allowing you to get to know the right people at school!  I’ve been a room parent twice, coordinator of various fundraisers and more.

For me, it’s a fine line as I want to spread my time right between blogging and two kid’s schools this year.  It’s a busy schedule and it’s often tough to juggle all the various volunteer schedules!  But I know it’s important to be there for both of my kids in both of their schools so I give all I can.

When I was at Mom 2.0 last spring, I met a rep from Volunteer Spot.  This website is an awesome tool online that allows you to coordinate volunteer schedules.  I would have loved this when I was the Homeroom Mom for my oldest’s first year in elementary school!  Nothing’s more time consuming than having to go back and forth with emails and phone calls to various parents.  This website helps save you a ton of time and helps you stay organized.

free online sign up sheets with volunteerspot

I SUPPORT MY SCHOOL.. MY WAY! And I’m joining VolunteerSpot’s sponsored Back To School campaign to help raise visibility for parent involvement in schools.

Save time {and sanity} and get more parents involved at school with VolunteerSpot.com!

VolunteerSpot’s FREE online signup sheets make it easy to organize parents and signup to help for just about anything: classroom helpers, snack schedules, carnivals, library volunteers, parent-teacher conferences and more….  No more ‘Reply-All’ email chains or clipboard sign up sheets! Please share with your room mom, teachers and parent leaders…

Plus there’s a huge Sweepstakes on VolunteerSpot’s Facebook page!
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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post from Volunteer Spot, but the above story and all thoughts are, as always, my own.

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