So, you might already be aware of the MWS obsession, Automoblox. For any of you unaware, this is a big time favorite toy. Every little Alex, Cameron and Sam needs 2. That’s right… 2. Because Automoblox aren’t just push cars, they’re interchangeable puzzle cars. Unclear? Check out my previous review of this hot holiday toy here.
This year, Automoblox didn’t let us down. They introduced Automoblox Minis… Miniature versions of their cars. Again, interchangable, again, fun wooden toys to occupy the kids and their parents. The Minis fit in my hand, the perfect size for grasping and vrooming by my 2 and 4 year olds (though they are recommended for ages 3 and up). A few less whistles, the minis are missing the little people who can travel from car to car. But with interchangeable roofs, wheels, tires and fronts and backs, the kids are still getting the “design your own car” idea with this version.
The price is a lot friendlier, too. For less than $20, you can get 2 cars. Cars that, this time, are prefect to fit into your diaper bag for long waits at the doctor’s office.
Just like last year, Automoblox are quickly driving out of store parking lots and off in delivery trucks. Which means you need to order now… before its too late for your little minis to park under the tree.

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