We’ve been a fan of Wall Candy Arts for years now.  We have several of their chalkboards from them in our basement that the kids love to draw on.  Here’s what neat about Wall Candy Arts – these are stickers.  They peel right off of paper and onto your walls.

Even better, there’s no damage or pulling to your paint or wallpaper when you want to remove these.  We’ve tested it out several times!  (Chalk also wipes right off the walls with a damp paper towel!)

A couple of months ago, Wall Candy Arts send us this Baby Elephant and we finally put it up in Cole’s room – he loves it.  Both kids have been spending a good hour decorating the elephant every night before bed.  They peel the chicks on and off the walls and it’s a nice non-electronic toy that I love having in the house.

You can get the Baby Elephant set for $39.20 at WallCandyArts.com.  Check out the array of other products available at WallCandyArts.com – they offer murals and other stickers you can use for decorating the walls.

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