We were recently at a friend’s house playing in their basement playroom. My friend was telling me how one of the walls had gotten a bunch of nicks and marks on it. Rather than having to repaint the whole wall, she went out and got one of these FunToSee kits and used stickers to cover up the marks.
With a boy and a girl, she ended up getting the Winnie the Pooh one. Normally this isn’t the type of thing I would consider all that tasteful, but you know what, it looked totally cute in their playroom basement. And we asked the kids what they thought about it (mine too) and they were very enthusiastic about how cute and fun it is.
They’re large, vinyl stickers and they peel and stick very easily. Also key: the peel off easily and can be removed and placed somewhere else with no mess or damage to the walls.
They have several “generic” designs like Underwater Sea and Funky Flowers, or you can select from several character packs like Disney’s Princesses, Cars and more.
Use coupon code FunToSee07 for free shipping through December 17th. (This is a good deal as they come from the UK.) This free delivery offer will apply to one Room Make-Over Kit only. Orders greater than one kit will incur the standard rate.

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