aop Tuesday night I was on a call with actress Jenna Elfman, film critic Mary Pols and script writer Claudia Lonow. They’re the supermoms, and superminds, behind CBS’ new hysterical show, Accidentally on Purpose, scheduled to debut Monday night.

In real life, Pols, a film critic, wrote a memoir detailing her Accident: getting pregnant at 39 with a 29-year-old one-night-fling, and opting to keep the baby. Pols’ fling, Matt, decided to stay in the picture and support Pols and the baby, though he is unemployed. Prior to the book’s publishing the book was optioned and will finally be released as a sitcom, written by Lonow and starring Elfman.

Mary Pols’ book Accidentally on Purpose is a humorous refelction of her joys, her stress, and her lifestyle changes as she enters (nearly) single-momhood.

The storyline of the CBS sitcom, also titled Accidentally on Purpose,  is based on Mary’s experience as written in the book.  As screen writer, Claudia Lonow has taken the concept and added sitcom-style humor, altered the characters, and is creating new storylines to play out the sitcom. The entire first season Elfman will portray a pregnant Billie, also a film critic (the pregnancy is convenient since Wednesday she shared with Julie Chen on TODAY that she [Jenna] is pregnant.) The first season will end with the birth of the new baby, so get set for an entire season of sharing the woes and joys of pregnancy… conception to birth. The show, though, isn’t just about Billie being pregnant. Its a show “about woman who happens to be pregnant”, but lives a real life [complete with work; a strenuous, likely sexy relationship with Grant Show’s character James; and the complicated relationship with the baby’s father, Zack (Jon Foster)].

On our the conference call last Tuesday, Claudia explained she’s excited about Monday night’s premiere to the point of panic. And that while she was nervous the script would never be picked up, she knew once the pilot was filmed Accidentally on Purpose was a hit.  I viewed the pilot this summer. There’s an excited energy to it as we get to know the characters and storyline, leaving such potential for a great comedy. Of course, I set my DVR last night to record the show.


  1. I got to view the show at CBS studios and loved it as well! I’m very excited to be attending a live tweet up, Q&A and taping in early October. Let me know if you all have any questions about the show for the cast, writers and producers! The writers room is the same one that was used for Seinfeld!

    CBS has a great line up this season. We’re all set to tape the Good Wife as well.

  2. you can read about the conference call here: They are really fun girls.

    LOVE The Good Wife. Can’t wait to seen next week’s epi. Tonight was a bit annoying… since I saw it before, LOL.

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