If you’ve been reading my reviews, you’ll know that, like many, my kids have a thing for softness. And ja*lu‘s organic baby blankets offer softness and warmth, loved recently on our Northeastern Vacation. While traveling though New England, we were hit with temps reaching down to the 50s at night–and with no heat, we loved having a blanket for not only warmth, but a comfort of home.
ja*lu’s contemporary finishing of the blankets offers an appealing look to many moms. Trim the natural-colored blanet with silky-feeling, softly designed fabrics that complement every baby. All blankets and gift sets by ja*lu come wrapped in a gift-able box, complete with a card. Making your life SO easy.
A great size for a baby gift, or later for warmth on a road trip, 20% off through Sept. 30th with redemption code STYLE20.

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