I recently got back from Florida, where the 80 degree weather was a shock to my system. My Mom and I spent the entire week arguing over what’s hot and what’s cold weather and we determined that her blood has thinned and mine is east coast person thick. (In other words, she lives for the heat and I sweat to death in it.)
I had packed this product from Watersall, Splash Cool. I ended up being really happy to have it. It’s basically sterilized, purified water in a mist spray. I tucked a little 1.7 oz. container in my beach bag and have to say it was great to have. I kept spraying it on myself and the boys and it was really refreshing. A great little product to stick in one of your side pockets this summer for the park or beach.
We had it one day when we went to this outdoor display at a botanical gardens and I swear it kept me from passing out. (I really don’t know how all you Floridians live and breathe in that heat – and here it is only May.)
You can find it at a bunch of stores now or you can check it out on the Watersall website.

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