I love that there are so many eco-friendly options these days. Here’s another example of a company that has made it their mission to produce all-natural and earth products, Way Out Wax. They use 100% soy wax in their candles and products – making it all 100% biodegradable. Their scents come from natural oils (no synthetic fragrances).
Based out of Vermont, Way out Wax has been living by their environmental commitment for 15 years. Check out their list of products – besides candles, they sell “clean air” products (natural odor removal) and aromatherapy.
Use coupon code style for 15% off any purchase on their site through December 31st, 2008. There’s free shipping on orders over $100 too.


  1. I’m fond of candles, I love those that has a subtle fragrant smell and I get turned off from those that has strong scent.
    Way out wax sounds promising. I wish they ship out their products to my country. Sigh.

  2. IllumeCandles also has some really nice natural soy candles, I’ve ordered from them a few times.

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