I defy you to show me any winterwear that is cuter on a little girl, than these new Swirly Hooded Scarves by Tots and Tails Designs.
My kids are huge scarf fans. In their active imaginations, every scarf is a feather boa. They need little to no excuse to jump up on the mantle/stage toss the loose end over their shoulder and break into song. Which is precisely what they did when we received these delightfully soft and fuzzy accessories.
And then I mentioned, to the show-tune belting girls, that the scarves were also hoods. Their faces froze. What? What did Mommy just say?
While they are fans of the scarf, unless they are schussing down a polar ice cap, they don’t usually “do” hats. But I persisted. “ C’mon, just try it on…” I coaxed. “Fine! But only for a minute!” they reluctantly agreed.
But big grins quickly followed. “Hey! It’s not even a little Itchy!” pronounced my oldest. “Look Mommy! It’s reversible – I can wear it on the pink or the yellow side!” observed my crafty 6 year old. They ran down the hall to check themselves out in the bathroom mirror, before completing the musical performance. Hoods up.
Marly has worn her hooded scarf to school on chilly mornings and to Grandmas house for dinner on a windy eve – she looks exactly like Little Red Riding hood. I’m savoring every minute. And Ani has taken to sleeping in hers every night. I just have to grin when she comes down for breakfast in her fuzzy hat and nightie.
Get your own kids ready for cold weather – whether it is the California misty mornings or Midwest icy winds you’ll be glad to know their little heads will be totally chill free and snug. And CUTE! We can’t wait for the rumored boy version due out soon!
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  1. Michelle Kouzmine says

    Oh, I think I love those.

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