You know how you have that one pair of jeans that you always feel fab in? Or that one tee that just radiates cool/hot/it- girl vibes the minute you walk in the room? It’s hard to put your finger on the mojo that gives a garment such chic, but here’s a tip – it often helps if it is imported.
pirateboy.jpgAbout a month ago I was idly flipping through Junior Magazine from the UK and I stumbled across a line of tees by Stardust Kids. They were similar to tees I had seen here, but somehow, inexplicably hipper. Am I just another sucker that only wants what I cannot have? No. Because ordering these tees stateside could not be easier. I decided to see if my hunch was correct and check these tees out further.
A couple of weeks later, I caught myself humming, “We are Stardust, We are Golden”. Because it was true. Wearing these tees, my kids had a certain glow. It was the “it”. And who does not want to have “it”? I mean, even on the playground, its good to have a little “it”. Wearing his pirate tee, my son perfected his swagger. And my daughter keeps making sure that her tee is at the top of her drawer as well. She wants to wear it every day.
anistardust.jpgIt-ness aside, these tees deserve kudos for their sturdy but cushy cotton construction, and the unique combos of stripes, swirls and edgy graphics. No boring same old here. Go ahead and peruse their impressive collection of Punk, Rock, Urban, Pirate and Retro designs. Whether you have a Beastie Girl, Enfant Terrible, or Son of a Gun, these pint sized hipster threads are sure to add some spunk, originality, and the good kind of ‘tude to your kids wardrobe.
Worried about ordering from abroad? Well here’s a treat – enter code MOMMIES at checkout to receive free shipping! Our package arrived hastily and without delay. Which is my silly imagined Brit speak for “shipped fast!”

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