File this one as a “pampered necessity.” If/when we have another baby, I’m going to purchase at least 4 packages of these: one for my car, one for my husband’s car, one for the diaper bag, one just in case…
Baby Oopz combines a short sleeve onesie, long sleeve onesie, pants (a la legging style) and a bib in a clear acrylic bag, becoming a Toddler Emergency Kit. And what toddler-mom doesn’t need that? Kits are also available with underwear, shorts, t-shirts and more. You can buy the items a la carte or in a package, and they’re available for babies as well. The Baby Oopz was created because, as we all know all too well, Oopz’s happen–be it paint, chocolate milk or, of course, the real Oopz–a diaper leak or, uh-oh, accident!
Clearly, this mom-created company is in the know, because they also have mom and grandma Baby Oopz items–I could have really used that shirt after painting at Mommy and Me class last week!
Check out the variety of packages available at Baby Oopz. Use code MOMSTYLE for $10 off all Oopz! kits.

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