I’m so obsessed. Friends came over a few weekends ago and brought their Wii and game Guitar Hero 3 (on sale this week at Toys R Us for $69.99, a great deal). After the kids went to bed, we were playing this game and others late into the night. I had no idea how fun the Wii was. Of course I had heard the hype but really couldn’t appreciate how fun it was until I played it myself. The whole Wii thing really does revolutionize “gaming.” When I think of a game system, I think of myself at age 8 playing games of games of Pitfall or Pong on our Atari. Or playing Mario Brothers when the first Nintendo came out when I was in high school.
Obviously technology and gaming has come a long way, and I sometimes envy kids today for all the technology they have at their disposal. And the Wii is a great example of a modern product of technology that blows my mind.
This console bucks the stereotype – you can’t sit still and play with a Wii. If you play golf, you’re swinging your remote like a club to hit the ball. You can box your husband and you literally have to punch into the air (kind of funny). You can play tennis, and if you do, you have to swing to hit the ball and you have to raise your hand (and remote) into the air to toss the ball into the air.
It’s definitely something great for the whole family – some of the similar games like bowling are great for Nate, hubby and I have been playing Guitar Hero, and some of the Wii Play and Wii Sports games are fun for the whole family.
So the Wii’s pretty hard to find right now – it took me about two weeks of calling various local vendors and showing up places that were expecting shipments only to leave empty handed. In the end, I was in the right place at the right time at a Game Stop that had just received a shipment of 3 Wiis. But if you are looking for one, be persistent! Call local places and ask when they are expecting their next shipment. Or if you have the patience, hopefully the Wii shortage will end soon and they’ll be readily available in stores again soon. (You can also get them on eBay for a premium) Normally they retail for $249.99. Toys R Us is currently selling it online in a bundle – you have to buy it with 6 games and it’s $499, but that’s also an option, especially if these games are good for your family.


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