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Nate has been bothering me for several months now about wanting an Xbox One.  We have a Wii U and had an Xbox 360 and he really didn’t play the Xbox much so I didn’t see why he would suddenly start playing an Xbox One.

But all of his friends were apparently on the One – but playing games like Call of Duty so I told him I was not starting with that game yet.  (He’s 11.)

But he persisted.  Offered to trade in the Xbox 360 and a bunch of games to help with the cost and his argument was that he was now asking for a different game that wasn’t Call of Duty but a game that was rated T, a rating he knows I have approved in the past.  (Call of Duty is rated M for Mature)

So we went for it.  We did the exchange for the new Xbox One at Gamestop and got about 50% off in trades which helped with the cost.

This is the game Nate wanted – it’s called Destiny ($60), and it’s similar to Halo for those of you who know that game.  It’s a shooting game and you’re fighting against aliens.  But what’s been nice for Nate is that he joins party games with friends from his school and they all work together.  They wear headphones and chat in a party line which is a lot of fun for him.  {Note: you can play with parental settings to make sure they are only talking with friends you have approved, which I did.}

The other thing that really impressed me through the whole process was the guys at Gamestop.  I told them all about my hesitation with these games and with the settings and they took a long time to talk me through everything.

The other game we purchased was Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare ($39.99)  at the rec of the sales guys there when I asked for something age-apprporiate for Cole (8).  We’re all Plants vs. Zombies fans in the house so I thought this was a good one.

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Here’s a funny thing that has happened since we purchased the Xbox One a few weeks ago – Nate will play occasionally, but he pretty quickly went back to playing Minecraft with his friends over Skype.  But Cole is loving PvZ and now meets up with two younger friends he has who also have Xbox Ones.  I love hearing him laugh hysterically as he chatters with his friends and they team up to beat the zombies!

Do you have an Xbox One?  What do your kids play?

You can get a new Xbox One at Amazon for $339.99 with free shipping or at Gamestop for $349.99.  There are bundles available when you want to package it with a game.  Keep in mind that the price adds up if you want to add headphones and a second controller, plus if you want your child to play online with friends you’ll need to subscribe to Xbox Live which is an annual service. (I got an annual deal for $40 at Gamestop)


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