screen-shot-2016-09-30-at-3-55-15-pm My 7th grader had a half day today so we jetted off to an afternoon matinee of Tim Burton’s newmovie release today, Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children.

Both Nate and I have read the book and to be honest, I didn’t want to see the movie. The trailer was already revealing huge discrepancies in the storyline and characters. I loved the book so much, I wasn’t keen on seeing some botched movie plot line. But Nate asked and off we went with a buddy of his.

We loved it! If you’re looking for something to see this weekend and are a fan of fantasy books, I highly recommend it. It’s rated PG-13 and for this one, I think it’s important to more or less stick to the rating. There are monsters in the movie that are pretty graphic and scary at times so keep that in mind when you’re considering seeing it. Tweens and teens+.

Fans of the book will have to get over a couple of changes – the biggest was that Emma has Olive’s powers and Olive has Emma’s. The story deviates too but it’s still highly entertaining and done really well. Non-book readers will just think it’s a good movie!

And check outthe bookif you like reading something a little beyond the norm. It’s a peculiar, imaginative and engrossing story. (And book one of three so there’s more if you like it!)

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