An ad for Cuff, wearable “smart jewelry” popped up on my Facebook feed yesterday.  This was such a targeted ad for me since I love technology and fashion so of course I had to do a little click over to see what this was about.

The picture looked like it was similar to a FitBit but I was really intrigued once I clicked through.

It’s wearable jewelry that has a small piece of technology inside that integrates and uses bluetooth to interact with your phone.  They have tons of  options for all styles but really – I have to agree – check out the options here?

Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 11.25.08 AM

The Cuff bracelet on the right *is* pretty cute.  And definitely doesn’t look like a piece of technology!

Here’s the functionality and some bits about it:

-Cuff will vibrate on your wrist when someone important is calling your cell (you have a preferred list). This is kind of nice for when you’re away from your purse in another room and school or someone else you really would want to talk to is calling!

-If you leave your phone somewhere (and basically go beyond a set amount of distance away from it), it will buzz.

-There’s a Cuff app that it works with to function as a fitness tracking product (ala Fit bit). It counts your steps and you can input food you have eaten if you are interested.

-And the bit that I kind of like the best – you can press on your cuff on a button if you are in need of help or in an emergency situation. Cuff will then alert all of your pre-set friends and family to say you are in trouble and where your location is. (I do wonder what happens if you hit it accidentally? It does include audio too so I suppose they are hearing what it going on and if you are okay they will realize?)

-It charges by simply being placed in the Cuff Jewelry box (which is kind of cute)

Here is the Cuff pricing to get started.  I’m kind of wanting to put this on my Christmas list.  Is it too big brother?  What is everyone’s feelings on this, guys?  I think I watch too many sci-fi shows because in an episode of Continnum (one of my fav SyFy shows) about these Big Brother type technology bracelets that took over the people that wore them so it kind of reminded me of that and may be why I don’t have any sort of fitness/tracking device on my body yet.  But this may be the one that puts me over the edge.  Because the jewelry options are oh-so-cute, right?

Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 11.33.13 AM

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