I received this great Name Tag from ChristiJ shortly after the birth of my second son Cole, this past November. It immediately reminded me of “dog tags” that so many people wear for identification purposes.
The Name Tags design is simple: a round piece of silver (made from recycled silver) that shares with the world the name of your kids (in my case, my two sons). I wear my name tags with pride because I just love that my boys’ names are so close to my heart. I ended up taking this pendant and putting it on the same chain on which I wear a necklace my husband gave me on our wedding day.
Simple, elegant, and carry your kids names with you everywhere: a single sided pendant is $60. And if you prefer, you can put cute sayings or phrases on the pendant instead. Check out the Personalized Custom Made Pendant Page on the ChristiJ site and use coupon code MWS for 15% off and free shipping.


  1. I just received my Name Tag from Christi J and I love it! I couldn't decide what to put so I had her put "Little Man" on one side and has name on the other. My friend just bought one from her and had her son and daughters name on one side and her husbands on the other. You can't appreciate how great they are until you touch and feel them. I love them!

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