It’s no big surprise that this Tech Mom has two techie kids.  I’m plugged in so many ways, it was bound to rub off sooner or or later.

My boys share a family computer that it’s in the kitchen.  They plan all sorts of social games like Club Penguin and Animal Jam.  As they get older, they interact more with other kids and other players with short messages and a “friending system.”  But it’s quite basic and it’s no Facebook.

I’m no where near ready for my kids to join Facebook or any other social networking platform I’m involved in since they aren’t age appropriate.  Enter Ohanarama.

From the Ohanarama website, “Welcome to Ohanarama, an educational, social game environment for children ages 5–12 and their families, where they can connect, learn, and play.”

This is a neat little way that you can interact with your kids online — and a fun way for the kids to interact with their grandparents (often hundreds of miles away!)

Here’s a screen shot of a game of chess I played (each of us on our own computers) with my 7-year-old:

Kids create a profile and can play games – many of the games are educational, and playing the games earns you points (that kids can later cash in for things like gift cards to stores like Target!)

It’s free to join.  I’ve already invited extended family members to join – Nate can’t wait to challenge them to one of the many games on Ohanarama!

Disclosure: I was compensated for my time in writing this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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