So I ran a 5k over Easter Weekend. The Butterfly Run is in honor of a girl my sister went to high school with several years back.

In 1999, a drunk driver got driving on a local highway going in the wrong direction. It’s a horrible tragedy as a girl was killed as a result. The Butterfly Run is in her honor and I’ve always wanted to run it as my sister knew her and we live nearby but had never managed to make it until this year.

I managed to convince hubby to come along even though he doesn’t run much and we had a blast!!!! I really forgot how much fun it is to run with a bunch of other people. It keeps you moving and hearing everyone cheer and clap at the end is so inspirational! (There were 600 other people running too!)

Here’s a shot my Dad took of me as I was getting close to the finish: 20120410-072900.jpg

And here I am with the fam after. I ran the whole thing in 32 minutes. I’ve always wanted to do 5k in under 30 and that was my goal for the day but there were some hills and it just didn’t happen. Oh well – next time, right? It was just so fun to run and I’ve already signed up for another one next month! 20120410-072930.jpg


  1. You rock, Whitney!

  2. A plusses for you guys!

  3. Well done!!! Also, great looking family!!!

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