Image and video hosting by TinyPicMy 5K walk is this Sunday and I think I’m ready. Last weekend I finally broke my usual 2.5 mile practice record and did 3.25 miles at a local park. I did 3 laps around the trail (equal to 3.25 miles), when I would usually do two (equals 2.5 miles).

The first lap was easy. The second lap was difficult. I wanted to stop but pushed myself. The last lap was surprisingly much easier. So, I’m hoping my walk Sunday is just as pleasant. My fabulous mother-in-law, and possibly my neighbor will be walking with me.

The 5K I will be participating in is the Autism Speaks’ 2009 Walk Now For Autism 5K which will be held on June 14th in NYC. Start your own team, or click here to join/support the Mommies With Style team. If you want to follow me on Twitter, to know how I did, use @MWSNancy.
For more details & other perks about the Weight Watchers Momentum Challenge, go to

So, now I’m turning to you, readers. Any ideas for how to walk 3.1 miles easily?


  1. Nancy,

    I would just focus on enjoying the walk as much as you can. Focus on enjoying the people you are walking with, the scenery as you pass by, and the energy of all of the people doing the 5k together. Then, the joy at crossing the finish line and having met your goal.

    Don’t waste any time worrying about how fast you are going or any of that – just enjoy it.

  2. I also walk at my local park.. maybe about 5 times a week. i am a stay at home mom. i bring my son in his stroller,(a few times a week) but try to keep up the pace that way i’m really getting in a work out. at my park there’s a hill that and with the baby it’s really hard to get up it….you can feel you’re glutes burning. also, i starting walking to the park since its only a mile!

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