Image and video hosting by TinyPicHey Mommies, have you heard about Weight Watchers’s Momentum Walk-!t Challenge? It encourages all Weight Watchers meetings members and Weight Watchers Online subscribers to get moving this spring. Between now and June 6, set an activity goal for yourself — like walking 5 kilometers (3.1 miles). Either join or create a walking team, or sign up for a 5K event and you can get a FREE* 8-week online training program to help reach your goal. For more details & other perks, go to
I just signed up for Autism Speaks’ 2009 Walk Now For Autism 5K which will be held on June 14th in NYC. two days ago. Start your own team, or click here to join or support our team. I will be updating you on my progress during the next 7 weeks. Here is a picture of my first long walk with the kids on Saturday – I did around 2 miles (1 1/2 miles on a trail and 1/2 a mile home and back)! Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Not a Weight Watchers member? We’re giving away 3 Weight Watchers Trial 3 month memberships –good for in person meetings or online membership meetings). Current members who want to extend their membership by 3 months are eligible. Tell us why you want to join Weight Watchers and if the Momentum Walk-It Challenge is for you! We will pick 3 winners at random. Giveaway will close on May 5, 2009.


  1. Trish Christie says

    YES! I’ve been looking for a good reason to start Weight Watchers- a free trial would be perfect!
    I think the momentum sounds great- I plan to walk in the Race For The Cure for the Komen Foundation on June 13th in Raleigh, NC.

  2. Carolyn G says

    I need to lose weight and need something to help me get motivated

  3. Oh.. I so need to lose this baby weight!!! I gained 70 pounds with my DS, I was once 110 and now even though I have been trying so hard to do the South Beach Diet and Wii Fit I am still at 158! Now with summer coming I know that I will be able to do more walking with the stroller… the WW walking program sound awesome. I just can’t afford all of the programs like Jenny Craig and Nutra System…. winning a couple months osf this would be perfect, if it worked for me I am sure my hubby wouldn’t mind paying!!

  4. I would certainly be up for the challenge and woul ddefinately appreciate some help from weight watchers. I had twins last year and my weight won;t budge. And I need to lose some pounds and gain back some energy to chase after them (they will be crawling very soon!)
    Thanks for the chance at a better me!

  5. Sign me up! I lost 45 lbs of baby weight with WW, 3 mo free sounds good to me!

  6. I’m at a bit of a plateau with my weight loss, so maybe WW is what I need to jump start again! My friend joined WW and has lost more than me, so I need to catch up!

  7. About 6 years ago I lost 45lbs with weight watchers. Only 18lbs to goal weight and bam I found out I was pregnant. I didn’t gain much while I was pregnant and lost it after delivery. Started to gain it back and tried going back to meetings, but couldn’t make the meetings with work and brand new baby (already had a four year old) so I started today to try to put to use what I learned the first time and see if I could do it at home, but the meeting really helped me before to know other people going through it together and exchanging recipes and great finds.

  8. I need a good kick to get me going and this would definitely work! Thanks!

  9. I would be up for the challenge. I would love to shed some baby weight and get back to my normal size. Plus, having 3 months of free ww, would be great.
    Thank you for the chance.

  10. I did WW right after I had my baby and lost all the weight in a year! But I have been creeping up in last 3 years since I left WW and need to start again!

  11. I would love a free trial to Weight Watchers. I just had a baby a few months ago and would really like to try to get the extra weight off. I’ve set a goal for myself of 1 mile a day to start and as I make that walking goal, I’ll keep increasing it!

  12. Have always put off joining WW-thinking I SHOULD put any extra money towards my kiddos. A free trial would be a great way to show me(and my husband) that a membership would be money well spent ( :

  13. I have been working very hard over the last few months to better myself. Since my son was born three years ago, it has been all about him and I have put myself on the back burner. I did Weight Watchers several years ago and had great results. I would love to try the new Momentum program to continue to better myself and get me to a healthier me.

  14. Ellen D. says

    I would love to try this—i gained some weight over the winter and need to get it off! Friends always had huge success with WW. Winning would be great! It would force me to do it!

  15. elisa melani says

    This is awesome! I’ve heard great things about Weight Watchers. I would love the opportunity!

  16. what a great chance to add to my WW.

  17. I would love a free trial to WW.

  18. Jean Grosick says

    Just the incentive I need to get started!!!!!!

  19. Holly S says

    I lost weight on WW but gained 5 lbs. back this year — need to get back on track with WW!

  20. Holly S says

    I lost weight on WW but gained 5 lbs. back this year — need to get back on track with WW!

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