I’m doing the happy dance, because I just hit my 30 weight loss mark on Weight Watchers! It took me a while, but I stayed committed. It was getting very difficult to take both of my kids to the meeting, so I switched to a different meeting day– now I take the baby while my older child is at preschool. The new location and meeting was also super child-friendly and the leader very energetic.

I was worried about Thanksgiving this year, since it is my favorite (eating) holiday. My leader gave us some calorie/fat info on the typical foods and taught us how to make some better choices to stay on track. I felt prepared for "battle" and still enjoyed myself, while staying on plan. 

Weight Watchers just introduced the new Momentum Plan, which I will post about soon.


  1. good for you nancy! wow, i’m in awe – and during the toughest time of the year. you go!

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