I suppose it’s no shock to anyone who reads this blog that shopping is often my vice of choice. My latest was a binge on the One Step Ahead site in preparation for our summer beach time. And now that we’ve been back and forth a few times, I thought I’d review my purchases:
I got the Wonder Wheeler Deluxe. I’ve spent one too many summers with kids schlepping back and forth with sand toys, chairs, blankets and more that I finally said, I’ve had enough. Since my toddler recently reached the 30-pound mark and is frequently on my hip as we walk to the beach, I decided to treat myself to one of these all-terrain carts. I paid $69.95, plus I used a 15% off coupon (see below). Well worth my money to save my aching back. It’s now on sale for $55.95.
And how great are these beach chairs for kids? I didn’t have them personalized but I did order a set for my boys. Especially since over Memorial Day Weekend, they both fought over sitting in our chairs – leaving me with a sandy, wet chair after they left their 30-second mark before realizing they were too excited to sit still. I love that these chairs have built in umbrellas for sun protection. And an added bonus is the little zip back in the front for storage. My only complaint is that it’s a bit small for Nate (4.5) but he manages to squeeze in and it’s perfect for my toddler.
I was bummed this terry cover-up only went to a 4T – I ordered one for my youngest but was wishing it came larger! Julie and I both ordered matching ones a few years back for our older guys and they are great. We used it just this past weekend – the ocean water has been ice cold so after splashing around, he was shivering and we popped this on.
Use coupon code BABY15P to receive 15% off your entire order over $100 through September 30th.


  1. My favorite store is Timberland

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