coppertone-sport-pro-spray-spf-30-large The kids don’t know it yet but we’re headed down to Orlando next week for spring break! After the long winter we’ve had (and now what looks like a cold spring), some sunshine could not come soon enough.

But of course with sunshine comes sun damage and bringing our pale white Philadelphia skin down to the Florida sunshine calls for some reinforcements.

Coppertone sent me a box of goodies of the products they have going for the summer so I’ll be fully prepared to protect the fam. The products they sent that I liked the best were their travel size lotions: Coppertone Travel Size Lotions comply with the 3-1-1 rule for carry on liquids. So that’s convenient because while I’ll pack some lotions in the checked bags, I always have a little bag of stuff in my carry-on in case the airline loses our bag.

I’m also tucking this one into my purse: Coppertone Sport Lip Balm SPF 30 can easily fit in a pocket for on-the-go sun protection that also helps smooth and soften lips. coppertonelipbalm

Visit to print out a $1 off coupon off any Coppertone product.  It’s on this page on the bottom left – you have to click to generate it and print it out!

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