wethappened I’m about to take on a new challenge with this new baby. I’m planning to give cloth diapering a try. And with this endeavor comes a whole host of unfamiliar equipment and supplies, some with terms I have never heard of before. One of these items is a “wet bag”. This is essentially a waterproof bag, designed to hold wet diapers or wet clothes, in your diaper bag, until you get them home to wash them. Who knew that an item designed to hold your dirties, could be so adorable? Well it can be – at least when you order your Wet Happened wet bag from Jamie at Minimebabygear.
Now just to be clear, you certainly don’t need to be a cloth diaperer to need one of these bags. I sure wish I had discovered mine sooner. When I think of all the damp and soiled clothes I’ve shoved into ziplocs in my diaper bag over the yrs, I am just sadder I did not have a more stylish, eco-friendly and practical solution sooner.
Available in a number of stylish prints to match your bag/stoller/mood and suit your needs, the wet bag will serve you well, and serve the environment too. Just throw the bag in the wash along with the contents and reuse reuse reuse.
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