When I was in second grade, we had to make a poster board presentation of the 7 Sacraments in CCD (Sunday School).  The last Sacrament is “Anointing the Sick,” or a praying ritual for the sick.  Kind of a last rites.

I sat down, wrote up my 7 Sacraments and showed them to the teacher.    Straight faced, she asked me about the last one.  “Whitney… Annoying the Sick?”

See, I had no idea what the word Anointing meant so I thought I had heard it wrong.  I reasoned that it must be “Annoying the Sick.”  Because maybe you can annoy the sickness so much that it will go away and the sick person will get better?

Anyway, it’s one of those funny things my parents have brought up over the years and it’s one of those stories that always comes up when the wine comes out.

So this week, I had to laugh because Nate (in Catholic school) had another funny Catholic mishap just like mine.

We’re working on a Saint project.  He had to pick a saint, draw a picture of him and write a few sentences.  Nate selected St. Francis of Assisi.  One of the sentences he had to write had to be an “interesting fact the class might not know about your saint.”

I printed out a few pages from Wikipedia and sat down with Nate to read them so we might find the interesting fact.  When I finished reading, I asked Nate, “What do you think?  Did I read anything good for the interesting fact?”

He responded, “Yes!  Mom!  Let’s tell everyone about how he was a fry cook.  That’s definitely interesting.”

Me, “A… what?”

Nate, “A fry cook.  You know, like the guys who cook french fries at McDonald’s.  Or like SpongeBob.  You know, he’s a fry cook too at the Krusty Krab.  That’s a neat fact about a saint that I can talk about.”

I’m very impressed with my ability to, like my CCD teacher, keep a straight face.  I looked down over the paper to see what he could have misconstrued to envision St. Francis slinging oil and french fries over a fryer.  Then I saw it.  “St Francis was a Catholic Friar.”  Mystery solved.

And I’m now also happy to report I have a good intro story for my speech at his rehearsal dinner.


  1. He’ll never live that one down!!!! Did you ever hear the one about one of your Uncles who shall remain nameless? He put an egg on his mother’s dinner chair and of course she sat on it!!!
    Asked to explain, he thought because she was a mother she could hatch it like the mother hens could!!!

  2. I love it! Kids are so funny.

  3. I laughed so much about story number one, story number two AND the Uncle story- I actually remember exactly the moment when the egg was indeed sat upon- and . . .. Dore hawas wearing new lovely grey skirt at the time. . needless to say, there was a slight ‘Dore’ utterance that moment. . . . .LOL.

  4. Stefanie Steinberger says

    I LOVE this!! Maybe you should just send him back to Kesher!?!?!?

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