Much of what I do these days is host and run Twitter parties. When someone who isn’t in social media asks me what I do, they are usually confused but curious when I tell them I host Twitter parties.

I thought I’d put a step by step together about what a Twitter party is and how you can participate for newbies and people who may want to check out a Twitter party, but haven’t really know where to start.

Twitter parties are actually a lot of fun! Most are being hosted by brands who are giving away fun gifts and prizes as long as you participate in a party, so being a part of one can not only be fun but sometimes lucrative.

What’s a Twitter party?
A Twitter Party, or Twitter chat, happens live on Twitter using a hashtag. For a set amount of time (usually an hour), party goers will chat using the hashtag when talking, and following along with the host and panelists.

You need to have a Twitter account – mine is @WhitneyMWS. You can get them for free on

Do I need to RSVP?
Parties will sometimes have an RSVP – a link to a Facebook or post somewhere where you can leave your Twitter name in a comment as your RSVP. Sometimes parties don’t have RSVPs and you can jump right in.

What should I tweet & how can I be eligible to win a prize?
Often, hosts will ask questions. For example, “Q1: are you ready for Christmas yet? #PartyHashtag”

You’ll want to respond by indicating you are answering their question. “A1: Not yet! I need to do some holiday shopping! #PartyHashtag”

The key is to make sure you are always using that hashtag #PartyHashtag (or whatever your party’s hashtag is) at the end of your tweet. Party hosts will typically select winners based on the answering of these questions and of course the use of the hashtag.

Your first party
Parties can go very quickly. Conversation flies by due to the nature of Twitter. For first timers, it’s sometimes just helpful to watch the party host’s stream only to follow the conversation.

How do you find a party?
Follow a few folks on Twitter. You may notice them participating in a party with the use of a hashtag and you can jump on in. You can also do a search on Twitter for “Twitter party,” and can generally find one going at most times of the day and evening.

What do you think? I understand it all sounds a little daunting but the best way to understand more about a Twitter party is a little trial by fire and jumping right in! I typically host 1-3 parties a week so if you are looking to try one, follow my stream and jump on in! I’m always happy to answer questions and help newbies live.


  1. I’ve recently found a few twitter chats I like, good way to engage with brands and find followers in your niche. I’m yet to win a prize !

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