Everything is different!
Hey guys – so you’re probably wondering why the site looks different today. That’s because we’re relaunching a bigger and better site. I hope you like it! Many people have been working hard to put some new content and a new look together for everyone.
Forgive us as things change over – some of the content is moving, EVERYTHING will still be available to you, I just have to get all the pieces in order.
If you are here and looking for an old post from the blog/Blogger, you can link here until I get it all sorted out and moved over. From there, you can use the Archives links (on the side of the page) to find everything we’ve ever blogged – until we eventually get it all in here and you’ll be able to search or look by category!
Many thanks to my web host company (check them out, they are great if you are looking!) and specifically Jay (if he’s reading) for dealing with all my naggy emails and helping to make this happen.

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