DonnaIleneJoelyFisher.jpgMotherhood is tough enough, but what’s even tougher than the care and feeding of your young one are the secret unwritten rules of play dates, the mysteries of the perfectly prepared diaper bag and the most effective, if slightly unorthodox, ways to potty train.
And what to bring on snack day to your child’s peanut free, kosher, vegan, preschool classroom? It’s enough to make any mom sweat, even celeb moms. Several of whom were on hand for the launch of What the Other Mothers Know at Spago, last week. Lori Laughlin, Joely Fisher, Peri Gilpin, Natasha Henstridge, Rachel Hunter, Rena Sofer, Amanda Pays, Brenda Strong and many more all celebrated with authors Ilene Graff, Donna Rosenstein and Michele Gendelman. The celeb moms shared their own stories and toasted the authors for being the go-to gals for countless moms who are sisterless, new to town or just too shy to approach total strangers with silly sounding questions about who you really need to suck up to in order to get your kid into the good school. At long last, this vital information is no longer classified!
Supernanny Jo Frost described the book as “Real parents giving real advice with a good dose of humor.” Consider What the Other Mothers Know your long term policy against mommy mortification. It’s a mom must read and a perfect shower present or new mom mother’s day present.

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