Every year, I try and bring a round up of gifts that really thrilled my kids that were under the tree. There’s always one or two items I picked up last minute that I didn’t think much of that ended up being totally successful and sometimes the toys I think will be the biggest hits are total flops.

Here’s a few that really stuck out this year:

1.)3D Pen Doodler Set – this really is a lot of fun. Similar to a 3D printer, kiddos can create their own ideas and turn them 3D with a pen.

2.) One of Nate’s favorite presents was this Show Me How to Survive book – go figure! It was the second gift he opened and we had to make him put it down several times to keep opening because Cole was getting annoyed that all he wanted to do was read this book and not open! Certainly the sign of a successful gift. He read through the entire thing Christmas morning.

3.) As predicted, Pokemon Sun and Moon were thrilling gifts for the kids to open. They’re 3DS games and whoever said kids stop playing DS’s as tweens are crazy because Nate still loves to play his at 13.


4.) I randomly bought these Brain Flakes when I was doing a search on STEM toys. My boys love to build and I felt like I didn’t have any ideas of them this year. I gave this to Cole (10) but both of them have probably been playing with this more than any other non-electronic toy since Christmas. It’s just a simple building toy with a lot of open-ended options for creativity!

5.)Steam gift cards. My guys just love to game and Steam opens up a world of all gaming. Aunts, uncles and grandparents gave them both gift cards to use at Steam and while they aren’t very thrilling to open, they’re much appreciated by my boys!

What about your kids? What were the favorites? What was the surprise favorite you didn’t realize they would love so much?


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