So my son’s finally into all the Disney movies. I mean, he’s like Nemo and Toy Story for awhile now, but lately it seems like I can show him the older-type movies and he’s entertained with most.
The reason I’m blogging about this is that we’ve been watching some ones I wouldn’t have normally gotten for him. One is Brother Bear 2. We rented Brother Bear (the original) first, and he loved it! We then launched into Brother Bear 2 the next day (which IMO, is better that the first) and he asks for it all the time! (He does confuse it with the Noggin Show “Little Bear” though and asks for “Little Bear” when he wants to see it.) Anyway, Brother Bear 1 & 2 are really cute and definitely age-appropriate for a preschooler. The premise is about a human who has turned into a bear and it’s about his life as a bear.

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