Ever since becoming a reviewer at MWS, I find myself having random consumer moments where I wonder “WWWD”? I picture Whitney as a champion mama, fully organized with personalized stationary, a closetful of age appropriate educational toys and an well though out plan for potty training. I, meanwhile have the best of intentions and the worst of filing skills. I had a plan once. Somewhere. Here on my desk… I am the Lynette, to her Bree.
Well when it comes to baby thank-you notes, I am not actually sure what Whitney has planned but just in case the recent leap to mom of two has her feeling as overwhelmed as I feel 24/7, I have some products to recommend. They are from Knock Knock, a new papergoods company that is putting the mirth back in oft dreaded correspondece. Check out their Multiple Choice Correspondence Baby Thank-you notes. Before you gasp in horror, you must know that the wit on these is enough to make them actually work. No more scrounging for words to use besides “cute” and “thoughtful”.
The Knock Knock site is chock full of items that are cheekily useful. From the “Note to Self” pad to the “Don’t Kill the Kids” Babysitter checklist notepad. I am addicted to the magnetic “All out of” Notepad. It is a preprinted grocery list pad, so you just have to check off what you need. Items are all arranged by type/aisle. I’ve never felt so organized! Browse thru the site, endless treats and gag gifts await. Personally I am hoping that Hannukah Harry brings me the Wheel of Excuses so I can better explain why I forgot to get the holiday cards out on time. Which reminds me…
No coupon code here, but just think of all the time you’ll save with Multiple Choice Holiday Cards this year.


  1. Woman, are you insane? You can't make a c-section recovering woman laugh!
    Seriously, I am the polar opposite of Bree. Just ask someone who has ever stepped foot in my house – organized, I am NOT.
    Or ask my almost-3 year old how our well-thought out potty training plan has gone over and you'll discover the gruesome truth.
    But thanks for the laugh and great post 🙂

  2. Great! More beautiful stationery- more pressure to get these Thank Yous out in a timely manner.
    Another Bree/Martha Wannabe

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