20130121-074042.jpg As I write this post, I’m glancing over at my sick 9 year old who is down for the count with the flu. After having it myself at Christmas, I wouldn’t wish the flu on my worst enemy, let alone my child.

I’ve decided it’s MUCH WORSE to watch my child have it than have it myself too, by the way. It’s just awful to watch him suffer, especially since I know what he’s going through and there’s not much I can do other than ease his suffering with over the counter goodies that will at least help a tiny bit.

pedialyte Powdered Pedialyte. We’ve only started this today but with day 3 of having a fever, vomiting and not eating much, I was concerned with dehydration. I’m a huge fan of the powdered version of Pedialyte – I put a pack into half of a water bottle, shake it up and it’s a party of electrolytes and rehydration in a a bottle!

Multi-Symptom Mucinex. With the vomiting, it’s hard to get him to take multiple doses of medicines. We’ve had more than one instance where he takes a fever reducer, then a cough syrup only to throw it all up 20 minutes later. Too much in his stomach and a fit of coughing.

Hubby ran out and got this Multi-Symptom Cold & Fever Mucinex Children’s syrup and he’s appreciating only having to take one dose of something at times. Plus, this one apparently tastes much better than some of the others we were giving him earlier!


A cool washcloth on the forehead!  This is one of those comfort ones that my kids always ask for when they are sick that I learned from my parents.

Anytime my kids feel crummy – with a fever or no – they LOVE having a damp, cool washcloth pressed on their forehead.  It soothes and they often sleep with them!


lipton Lipton Soup Secrets Extra Noodle Chicken Soup – forget grandma’s homemade chicken noodle soup.  I do love that as much as the next guy, but this soup from Lipton is ALL my kids want when they are sick.  Maybe because it’s so easy and so simple, it’s appealing?  They love the plain broth and the extra noodles and I’m all about *whatever* they will eat when they aren’t feeling well.

A good thermometer.  Don’t laugh guys, but although we have a ton of different thermometers in the house, the one I end up using the most when I want accuracy is my old basal body thermometer – used for detecting ovulation!  I know it’s crazy and it takes a few extra seconds than some of the super speedy ones on the market but the one I used when I was trying to get pregnant is ALWAYS totally reliable and my kids don’t mind.  The one I have is one like this one from Veridian on Drugstore.com but you can really get them at any drug store!

Chewable medicine.  For older kids, obviously.  But sometimes it’s just too much on their stomachs to have to keep swallowing so many syrups.  I find this especially hard with Nate, who is 9.  The doses are so big that it’s sometimes too much for him to stomach swallowing so much liquid.  We use chewables often now and this time around have been using Children’s Advil in a Chewable format, which I’m convinced has made the difference of keeping it down or not at times.

{Edited to add}: Honey.  So we ended up at the doctor and they actually told us that three days in, we should stop some of the meds.  It was becoming too much on his stomach when he wasn’t eating, but she did tell us that honey’s a great, natural remedy to help with the cough.  It helps soothe the throat and break up the phlegm.  So there’s that too!

A good sense of humor and lots of patience!  At the end of the day, it’s unfortunately all about waiting out the flu.  It can be totally rough to watch your kids suffer but having a good attitude and knowing that THIS TOO, WILL PASS can be a life saver!  Good luck and may all of your kids feel better!


  1. I am so familiar with the emotions you describe- it is heart wrenching to witness your kiddos(and grandkiddos) in pain and sick and you’re right- whatever little trick or ‘old wives’ idea you can do to ease their discomfort does help. Don’t forget the onion on the table? have not witnessed this miracle myself as described in a forwarded email I have received several times. . but hey , can’t hurt to try. Sending healing thoughts your way. Flu, be on your way-you were NOT invited!

  2. The doctor might have something to help Nate. I feel for him. Hope the rest of your family don’t get it.

  3. Hi, I saw this on Pinterest and was interested if there was in alternative to prescription medicine that worked. My daughter (6) had the flu this past week, I was concerned after two days and the symptoms were getting worse so went to the doctor. They confirmed she had the flu and prescribed the liquid form of Tamiflu, after one night of taking the medicine it was like she woke up her old self! She was also prescribed a cough and congestion liquid, combined it seemed like instant relief. I’m not normally one to run to the doctor at every turn and prefer natural remedies at that, but I think that trip was well worth it and my now healthy hyper daughter agrees. Before we went I had tried the vapor machine, Vicks on feet and chest, a detox bath, Mucinex, and to top it off raw onions to soak up the germs in the air! Good luck with your son, run to the doctor if you get tired of fighting the fight :).

    • Hey Heather! Thanks for commenting! I’m actually going to edit in to add honey. We ended up at the doctor yesterday and they said to stop all the meds. It’s too much on his stomach and the flu’s the flu, it’s not going to do much… but she was saying that honey is great for the cough and breaking up the phlegm.

      You are the second person to tell me about Tamiflu… a friend just got that for her son and helped. I think in the end it’s about easing their suffering, no quick solution for the flu other than trying not to get it!

  4. I heard 2 doctors on Fox talking about the Flu and they mentioned Tamiflu several times and haow effective it is.

  5. Just an FYI~ there are no long-term studies on Tamiflu and its effects on adults or children. Best case scenario is that it’s lessens your symptoms by 12 hours. To me that’s not worth potential long-term side effects. Plus antibiotics can’t cure or clear up a virus. Doctors are prescribing it more for the parents peace of mind than anything.

    My girls, 4 & 2, both have the flu right now. Fever’s have been up to 104.9 and 105.3. We alternate acetametaphin and ibuprofin when the fever gets that high. Keep them cool with loose clothing, but don’t let them get the chills so keep a blanket nearby. A fever is your bodies way of fighting an infection so if it’s not too high (under 103) and you child seems OK then it’s best to let the fever work it’s way out.

    I’ll second the honey for a cough. We all use it here (even the adults!). If you use a local honey it’s best but any honey will do. Ginger helps heal as well, but I can’t stand the taste and neither can my kids!

    • Your poor girls, Heather! Such a high fever. I hope they are feeling better today. My son is doing tons better… lingering cough but once we stopped all meds (his fever never went higher than 102.7), he actually felt a lot better. I think sometimes all the medication is just too much on their stomachs, especially when it’s just like you say – a virus – and nothing’s going to cure it except time.

  6. Do you have any bottles of Zarbees for the cough? It’s a natural cough medicine that’s honey-based and it’s what got my kids through the coughing nights. I take the adult one and the kids the kids’ one. Makes a HUGE difference, nearly immediately. Happy to stick it in your mailbox if you want.

  7. I hope N’s feeling better now!


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