So what’s your diet downfall? Or, if you are going to splurge, in your opinion, what food or drink makes the splurge worth it?

Here’s my short list:
Warm, fresh bread

Did I mention cheese?


  1. Hands down one of my biggest downfalls is cheese!

  2. Everything on your list( a spoon and the whole jar of Nutella, btw, AND a whole chunk of cheddar). . . . . HOWEVER:A word to the wise: as one ages(ahem, ahem). . lab reports change.
    Diet catches up with you-one never suspects it will happen. Oh but it does. I have always loved meats and other protein(cheese, chicken, quarter pounders with cheese, etc. . ) latest labs show too much protein in kidneys. . so, have to modify diet now drastically. .
    Moral of story is do go easy on the cheese. . another Doreism; everything in moderation is the key. but oh I do love that chunk of cheddar. SIGH.

  3. Agree with Mom-Mom. Lab reports don’t get any better, the older you get. BUT i will NOT give up Mayo, Pasta, Cheese, wine and Chocolate!!!!!

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