This is such an awesome “Dad” gift, I don’t know why someone didn’t think of it before. Okay so we all know about wine charms and understand how great they can be in a party setting – well what about Grill Charms?
The concept is the same, Grill Charms allows for a way to know which piece is yours after it comes off the grill. How great is this at a BBQ when one person wants rare, one person wants well done, one can’t eat the marinade that has peanuts in it because they’re allergic… never again mix up the spicy and unspicy pieces with grill charms, which go right into the meat and right on the grill.
Personally I think this is great. I’m allergic to garlic (boohoo for me) and keeping something separate for me on the grill in the past has been a problem.
So I love this product. It’s a great gift for Dad for an upcoming birthday, the holidays or just because!
Put “Mommies with Style” in the comments box when ordering to receive a free charm from their latest collection – the “Pink” Collection, a product inspired by the Grill Charms inventor and her own personal history of a family battle (and survival) with breast cancer. 10% of the proceeds from that collection are donated towards breast cancer research.

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