Do you guys have gamers in your house?  That’s pretty much all my boys are about over here.  We have both a WiiU and an Xbox360 and I’d say the WiiU is definitely the preferred system of choice right now although I do see Nate (11) starting to move over to the Xbox more.

For gaming purchases, I’m all about GameStop.  While I love Amazon, GameStop has so many advantages for game purchases and I’m pretty much there ALL THE TIME.

First off all, I totally take advantage of the trade-in and love that about it.  My kids get tired of games a lot so we’ll take used games in and get credits – if you do this, you can purchase on other games.  Also you can earn points by spending money on games and trading in and can trade in those points for goodies on the GameStop website! (Some of which include coupons for money off your next purchase!)

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This year, my kids will be getting new Super Smash Brothers for the WiiU ($59.99), plus several Amiibo characters thanks to our antics at GameStop.

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There’s also some great sales to still be found – either online or in-store.  For example, if you are considering the WiiU, check out this Super Mario 3D World Bundle for $299.99.  You get the WiiU game system PLUS the Super Mario 3D World Game ($59.99 value) with the purchase.

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Another one I picked up that I’m hearing epic reviews about is Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker for the WiiU ($39.99).  I’m hearing it’s a great game, so you own a WiiU, this isn’t one to be missed.

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For older kids and non WiiU users, there latest Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare can be found on sale for a variety of systems for $39.99.

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Another hot pick for the holidays and any Pokemon fan was the release of Pokemon: Omega Ruby and Pokemon: Alpha Sapphire.  According to Nate (who got one for his birthday), this game is virtually the same with only different characters so you only need to get one but it’s worth asking the Game Stop guys about that as they are certainly really knowledgeable and have great opinions and expertise they are always willing to share. (Another reason I love my local store.)

Some cool factoids:  GameStop recently conducted a survey among 1,136 PowerUp Rewards members in the U.S. The survey was commissioned and conducted by GameStop and research partner Brierley+Partners. Below are some key findings:

  • 73 percent of people plan to purchase – or hope to receive – video games this season, outpacing other gift ideas like cash and gift cards (56 percent), clothes (48 percent) and toys (30 percent).
  • More than half of parents that responded – 54 percent – said their kids would not survive the holidays without video games.
  • Parent’s top picks of games for their kids are: LEGO Batman 3: Beyond GothamSuper Smash Bros, and Minecraft (24 percent, 23 percent and 20 percent, respectively.
  • Top picks for games PUR members would like to purchase for themselves are: Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and Assassin’s Creed Unity (33 percent each).
  • Holiday shoppers are thinking about tech and gadgets in new ways to gift, with more than a quarter of respondents saying they are likely to purchase a pre-owned electronic device, such as an Xbox One or PS4 game console (36 and 35 percent, respectively).

Looks like my kids are spot-on with their wants!  I did forget to mention that they are also getting LEGO Batman 3 so they will be excited!  Visit to get any of the above games & check out what else is hot!

Disclaimer:  I received a gift card to facilitate this review.  As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. You’re hilarious. I love the title of this post. My 15-year-old son LOOOOOOVES Game Stop. Oh my word. It’s like crack for gamers.

  2. I love this post, as a mom of 4 boys – we live in GameStop!!! I didn’t know a lot about GameStop, this was great to read!! Reminded me too that I need to go and get a few things for CHristmas for some boys! 🙂

  3. Haha! Love the title of this post. We’re not there yet but with two little boys, I can see my future.

  4. Too funny! Love it. My kids aren’t gamers yet……. They need to hang out with your boys to get schooled!

  5. This made me laugh – I LOVE that they know you by name….and the STATS are crazy – more than 50% of parents said they wouldn’t survive the holidays without games? Thank goodness for Gamestop and their trade-in programs!

  6. HA!!! (and so many great picks btw)

  7. We’re just getting into the gaming phase with my little boy, so this post made me chuckle a bit because I know it’s about to get serious around here too. Love these gift picks!

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