Have you ever noticed those moms? The perfect moms? You know, the ones who, no matter what, have everything they need for every occasion. Sippy cups that haven’t spilled, bottle perfectly ready at just the right moment, a healthy snack for the toddler and a teething ring just within reach. An extra diaper and plenty of wet wipes (enough to lend out to the mommy who forgot) and an emergency set of clothing in the right season is always on hand. And they always have a bib and a burp cloth–ready to pull out at any second. Not only are these moms super prepared… but they’re super organized. How DO they do it?
To make your life a little easier, I’m Still Me, the creators of the beloved diaperbags, has created the OOPC! A bib and a burpcloth, its made of cotton terry velour with a sweet little trim. As a bib, it wraps around baby generously (so generous, infact, that it will fit around my neck)–even covering baby’s shoulders and arms with flexibility for movement, because, lets face it, how often does baby turn her head when eating pureed peas and make a mess all over her pretty smocked dress sleeves? As a burpcloth, this all-in-one curves perfectly over Mom’s shoulder for the bubbles and burps. The OOPC! reaches over your shoulder, and fits in the crook of your neck. So that your shirt is covered from roaming burps much more than with a traditional, rectangular cloth.
OOPC!s are available with or without personalization. Get a 15% off discount through February 2007 with code MWS07.

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