Our family is currently planning for a road trip and gathering supplies. We’ll be travelling in our brand new black Honda Odyssey van which we adore. Sadly, so do all the little birdies. It’s as if they were waiting for us to get as large and as black a vehicle as possible, so they could do their thing. Usually on the way home from the carwash.
Much as I adored the 101 Dalmations series I’d rather not drive around in a vehicle that looks like it should be chasing a firetruck. Which is why I was overjoyed to find the Red Hot Shop at Target, filled with road trip supplies for the month of July.
While perusing the selection of limited time boutique items ( this months’ theme has everything from cute Orla Kiely journals to retro cameras and game tins) I came across the Grumpy Girl Auto Bird Turd Emergency Removal Kit Ahem. Hallelujah!
What a stellar find! As if I did not have enough reasons to spend time in Target stores and perusing their site, it’s finds like these road trip gems that have me writing less and shopping more. We’re travelling to the Pacific Northwest on our vacation but we’re sure to make a few Target pit stops along our route for whatever we’ve forgotten to pack. Lets start a Target tally now. How many Target stores will we drive by and how many of them will we stop in?
And how about you? How many Targets did you shop at during your last road trip?

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