You guys may remember that I worked with Raymour & Flanigan last year to redo my bedroom.  It’s still my favorite room in the house.  It’s amazing how a change in furniture and look can really uplift your spirits and make you feel totally differently about a room.

Having that change upstairs has really inspired me to want to change up some of the other rooms in my house, so I was over the moon when Raymour & Flanigan reached out to me to work with them again this year.  I’ll be working with them all year on a variety of projects including redoing my dining room AND family room!  I’m thrilled.  About both rooms but especially the family room.  I definitely feel like the family room is the most important room in our house since it’s the one we spend the most time in.

It’s in DIRE DIRE need of a makeover.  For starters, we have the same carpet we’ve had since we moved in (14 years ago.)  It’s been through 20-something parties (alcohol spills), both of my babies (spit up, diaper changes), three cats (cat puke) and various other carpet infractions (juice spills, wine spills, mud tracked through – you name it!)  It’s current state:  gross.

So first, next week I have a NEW carpet being installed.  Yahoo! I  had to really twist hubby’s arm to get it done.  Not because the carpet didn’t need it but because he’s the totally frugal one in the house and unless it’s on fire, he thinks nothing needs replacing.   I told him that 2015 is the year of the FAMILY ROOM REDO.  That includes furniture, which I’m totally excited to announce will be coming from Raymour & Flanigan.

Here is a before picture of our family room.

Screen Shot 2015-02-01 at 9.16.55 PM

And the thing about the furniture is that I do still like it and in fact this leather couch set came from Raymour & Flanigan years ago!  But it’s not casual enough for us.  We got leather to help prevent the cats from scratching the couches up and it doesn’t scream “lay down and watch a movie on me.”  This is living room furniture in my family room and I’m going for comfort and cozy with the new look so we’ll be moving this furniture to another room in the house once we redesign the family room.  Also, none of our tables really match.  We have random tables and I hope to get a complete look that’s more worthy of a family room. I’ll be sharing posts along the way as I shop and then eventually unveil a new look!

The other room I’ll do doing this year is my dining room.  Again, there’s nothing horribly wrong with this room but it’s also 14 years old and very plain.  We literally only have a table and chairs in the room and they were actually a casual set that came from Crate & Barrel way back when too.  I’m not looking for anything too formal because we’re just not a formal family but I wanted something a little more inviting and nice – and to involve a little more furniture so we will hopefully sit in our dining room more!  Plus, this is one of the first rooms guests see when they walk into my house.

Here it is – table & chairs, nothing else in the room (even that lone plant over by the window is gone – this photo is from last fall.)

Screen Shot 2015-02-01 at 9.17.17 PM

So.  I’m asking you guys today for your opinions!  I will be doing one room this spring and one at some later date to be determined in the year.  Which room do you think I should redo first and do you have any furniture advice?  I would love to hear from you guys on what you think!

And look for more posts for me on this experience as the year rolls on.  I’ll be headed to some in-store events locally so if you live in Philly, I’d love to see you!  And there maybe some Raymour & Flanigan goodness for folks online nationally too so I’ll let you all know as that shapes up.


  1. good post! Thanks sharing! I want to have the same Dining Room!

  2. Since you live in the Family Room, I would do that first. I would go for taupe/beige upholstery
    and add colorful accessories!!!

  3. Definitely family room. When I come over I want more comfortable couches to lay on. That is so cool that they are doing that for you. Nice work, Raymour & Flanigan. 🙂

  4. I would go for the family room– because it is a room that is super well trafficked so you need quality furniture that can take a beating and still look new– which is a GIVEN with Raymour & Flanigan!

  5. Patty Guzman says

    Such a hard decision…. Family room for winter days and enjoying a family movie night…..Dining Room if you have a big family celebration coming up….. I pick Family Room! I love the soft sofas at Raymour and Flanigan! Enjoy the process! New furniture is so fun!

  6. Family room!

  7. Cindy Murphy says

    I would definitely start in the family room! You’ll have the great new carpet and then the new furniture…whole new room! Then you can check that off your list!!

  8. Ooo! Do the living room! Get a nice comfy couch:).

  9. I’m going along with the family room votes. Makes sense since you live in that room more-thus will enjoy more.
    The dining room is fine for now so that can certainly wait. Can always ‘change’ look there for now with wall prints, new tablecloth, etc.
    I like the idea Brenda mentioned to go with soft, beige tones for main colors(sofas, chairs) and the different colors for accents.
    Raymour & Flanigan is such a nice store- have fun with your selections and new look!-looking forward to seeing the ‘after’ pics!

  10. family room – because you’ll spend so much time there!

  11. I say dining room since you said its one of the first rooms guest see when they walk in. And then you can work off those colors for your family room.

  12. Callmenahknee says

    OH, decisions, decisions…. I am torn with how to respond. At first glance I would say DINING ROOM since it is the first room guests see when coming into your home. However, how often are GUESTS in your home? Thinking of that and then thinking FAMILY ROOM, just the name itself says choose me first. Oh what to do? FAMILY ROOM, my final answer!!

  13. Def the family room. All the way!!! You use it more and it’s central to ur house.

  14. I would go with the family room because you probably use it more!

  15. Fun! I vote family room!

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