picture-14 I’m obsessed with my Whimsy ring. Just fascinated. I cannot stop wearing it, playing with it, looking at it, admiring it. I’ve not had the chance to review a lot of jewelry during my time with Mommies With Style. Partially because I’m not a big jewelry wearer. I’m fickle with baubles. I tend to like something one day and hate it the next. Which is why a ring like this, with an easily changed out “stone” is so fabulous and perfect for me.

Until I got this ring I had not heard of Troll Beads and Pandora beads. If you are like me, are just getting up to speed on this bead collection trend, I’ll give you the shorthand. These are collectible murano glass beads with a silver shaft. No two are alike and they are endlessly fascinating in their unique gorgeousness. Addictive too. You get one, you will want more.

Whimsy rings were made to accommodate these beautiful glass beads, like a crown accommodates a jewel. They are simple but clever in design, allowing you to open the ring up and switch out the bead. No worries about it matching – you can make that ring work with any look that you have a bead for.  The chosen bead is not only dazzling on your finger, it’s also fun to play with. Perfect for fidgeters like me, I like to spin the bead like a roller blade wheel. My toddler thinks this is great sport as well.

One more reason to love Whimsy rings – they are made entirely with reclaimed silver and gold, and made to accomodate glass gems. This  eco friendly practice that saves the earth from brutal and unnecessary mining for finite resources. They are true artisan jewelry, made with love and respect. And thus I deem them a healthy obsession!


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