It can be stressful and frustrating for you and your child when it comes to potty training. I happened to have it really easy with my daughter who practically potty-trained herself. One day she put on underwear, had an accident immediately, put on another pair and that was all it took! She was basically potty-trained instantly. With my son, I am thinking there is no way it is going to be as easy! I am hoping the Original Pot-Tee Prize Grab Bag will help!
PottyBag.jpgThe Original Pot-Tee Prize Grab Bag has a large variety of fun reward prizes that come in a canvas bag to delight your child and positively reinforce their appropriate behavior. The Bag comes in your choice of pink or blue and gives you all of the tools that you’ll need to easily and effectively potty train your child: a Potty Training Guide that is filled with suggestions and proven facts to help ease you and your child through the transition from diapers to underwear, an awesome sticker chart with plenty of stickers and prizes to select each time your child uses the potty successfully! Once your child is fully potty trained and has “graduated to underwear” there is an included diploma to make them feel so proud of their accomplishment!
When I received the Original Pot-Tee Prize Grab Bag, I thought that this would definitely help when it comes to potty-training my son. Being that he is only 19 months old, I had my best friend test it out on her 3.5 year old son, who she had been meaning to potty train for a while. She had tried potty-training him once before and had told him about the expensive toy train she had bought him hoping that would get him started on trying to sit on the potty. But it didn’t work. He wasn’t into it.
When I told her about the Pot-Tee Bag, she was excited to have some help and guidance on how to potty train her son. The moment she came home, showed him the toys and explained the reward system, he asked to go to the potty immediately because of all the fun toy prizes he could see. He did go and got to place a sticker on the reward chart and pick out the prize that he wanted – a lizard. He was so eager to go again because he wanted another prize! So he waited a little bit, went back to the potty and went again. This continued on and she couldn’t believe that the bag of prizes actually help to potty train her son so easily. She was so impressed that this system worked so well!
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Proceeds from each sale are donated to Ambassadors for Children (AFC), a not-for-profit organization dedicated to serving children around the world through short-term humanitarian service trips and sustainable programs.

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